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“I have been both a commercial customer and a residential customer of Tensui Water Perfections Systems for 20 years. I can say without hesitation that the Tensui system we installed at our flagship restaurant Nick & Toni’s in East Hampton was one of the best investments we’ve ever made. The water at the restaurant is easily as good or better than any bottled water we have sold.”
Mark Smith, Managing Partner, Honest Management Restaurant Group

“More than 15 years ago, you explained thoroughly the important benefits of the Tensui system for our personal health and the health of our home’s plumbing. We decided to make the investment and it has been well worth it. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your stellar service. You are ALWAYS there for us!”
Lori and Robert Colavito

“Having our restaurant, Thatch, filter 100% of its water through the Tensui Water Perfection System has been one of the best investments and decisions we’ve made. In an operation like ours, where we’re producing everything in-house — from chocolate, cookies and pastries, to pizza, soups and sauces — the water is an integral part of our ethos and mission. With Tensui Water, our nuts and seeds sprout faster, our pizza tastes better and our products radiate an enhanced level of health and well-being. We are so happy to offer Tensui Water to our team and our customers.”
Megan Elisabeth Tysoe, Founder, Rooted Juicery and Kitchen

“When I was building my new house, I told my contractor that the only two non-negotiable “must have” items were the cleanest possible water and the cleanest possible air. The Tensui Water Perfection Systems vastly exceeded all my expectations, from the quality of my drinking water, to the quality of the water used for bathing, to the quality of the service. Tensui is hands down the best water filtration and purification system I have ever used.”
Peter Evanovich

“Tensui is the best investment you can make for your health and well-being. We have had 4 different homes with Tensui Water Perfection Systems and we can’t imagine living without it. Tensui water is much better for you than normal tap water and tastes fantastic. It has made life so much easier as we no longer have to buy bottled water. And it’s great for the environment as well!”
Ron Tysoe



Everyone in your house will benefit from Tensui water. Even if some of them can’t exactly thank you.
Your pets will visibly benefit from drinking and bathing in Tensui water. They’ll be healthier and their coats will be richer and softer.

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